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I kinda like to read many stories from Wattpad. I like 5SOS stories from Wattpad. It’s like I have my escape when I reading Wattpad.

My library in Wattpad is very full of many stories. In Wattpad you can find many stories that you want to read. Romance, thriller, horror, and everything you can find it in Wattpad.

My top 5 stories that I like from Wattpad (5SOS):

  • Mantan – LRH
  • Iphone – LRH
  • Jauh – LRH
  • Dekat – LRH
  • The Anonymous – AFI

Fyi, I’m sorry, this stories in Bahasa language.

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How can be studying feel so fun to me? Haha, I don’t even know the answer. When I study I always feel curious about anything. It’s like when I try to find the answer, I have to open my book, my internet, and I can’t even stop to find the answer until I find it. I don’t know why.

My tips for study:

  • You have to study effectively for 20 minutes.
  • You can eat fruit while you are studying (berries are for the best, told you 🙂 )
  • Songs is helping you, so put your headphones on! (Recommended songs: every songs that makes you happy!)
  • Try to decor your room so you can study comfortibly.
  • Make your own cute notes, like this



Happy studying!

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Dreamcatchers is an ancient thing from America. Many people believe that dreamcatcher can catch your dream. I do too. I have so many dreams and I hope my dreams will come true.

Beside that, I put this picture for my first post because I hope that every people including you who see my blog can make your dream come true.

Here, I want to show you how to make your own dreamcatchers


Just click it, watch it, and make it, I hope your dreams will came true!

(fyi, this video is from one of my favourite youtuber, @LaurDIY)